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Hello! I am Martín Gil. As a true enthusiast of video games and computer science, I have specialized in translation for the video game industry and in multi-platform applications development.

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Specialist in translation, proofreading, and linguistic/functional testing of video games (EN-ES/GL). I can easily adapt myself to all kinds of projects and variable deadlines depending on their scope. I also have professional-level computer skills and extensive knowledge in various fields: office software, markup and programming languages for web and multi-platform applications development (HTML, XML, CSS, Java, PHP, SQL), relational database management, and Photoshop.


Specialist’s Degree in Translation for the Video Game Industry

2019 - 2020 University of Vigo

Translation internship carried out at LocalizeDirect AB (Game Localization & LQA).

Degree in English Language and Literature

2015 - 2019 University of Santiago de Compostela

Honors in English Phonetics and Phonology, English Syntax and Semantics, English Grammar and Discourse, Intercultural Pragmatics, etc.

Bachelor's Thesis: Exploring the Practice of Video Game Localization: A Comparative Study on the English and Spanish Versions of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

English BA (Erasmus+ Programme)

2017 - 2018 University of Leicester (UK)

Modules taken: Advanced General English with CAE Preparation, The Study of Language (Old English), and Renaissance Literature.

Higher-level Vocational Training in Multi-platform Applications Development

2011 - 2013 IES Chan do Monte, Marín

Modules such as Programming, Databases, Development of applications for mobile devices, Markup languages and Development environments, among others.

Bachelor's Degree in Science and Technology

2008 - 2010 IES Johan Carballeira, Bueu

Compulsory Secondary Education

2004 - 2008 IES Illa de Ons, Bueu

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During my time at the University of Santiago de Compostela, I completed all modules of the Degree in English Language and Literature, as well as specialized modules of Linguistics which were part of the minor in Languages, Communication, and their Applications. Additionally, I took modules in translation, such as Direct and Inverse Translation, Specialized Translation, and Translation Theory. In the third year of my degree, I participated in the Erasmus+ programme to study at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. There, I took the following modules: Advanced General English with CAE Preparation, The Study of Language (Old English), and Renaissance Literature. I also wrote essays titled "How are animals represented in the writing of the [Renaissance] period?" and "How did Old English authors rewrite history?". Below you will find a summary of my academic record:

English Language 9,0
Spanish Language 9,1
Linguistics II 9,3
Basic Concepts of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature 9,3
English Morphosyntax 9,0
English Literature (18th-19th Centuries) 10,0
English Phonetics and Phonology 9,3
The Semiotics of Language and Communication 8,5
Sociolinguistics and Language Planning 8,0
History of the English Language 8,0
North American Literature 8,5
English Syntax and Semantics 9,4
English Literature (20th-21st Centuries) 9,0
Intercultural Pragmatics 10,0
Translation Theory 8,3
Varieties of English 9,7
English Oral Communication Skills Techniques 8,0
Postcolonial Literature 8,0
English Grammar and Discourse 9,7
English Sociolinguistics 9,2
Specialized Translation (English) 10,0
Text Analysis of Old and Middle English 10,0
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As a passionate enthusiast of the video game industry, I play dozens of titles each year encompassing all kinds of genres, although I have a particular fondness for metroidvania games, platformers, and good RPGs irrespective of their origin, Western RPGs and JRPGs. What would a video game translator be without a passion for the industry?

Below you will find a list of the video games I have completed each year.


# Name Released Completed
2The Last of Us Parte I202209/01/2023
3Need for Speed Unbound202218/01/2023
4Hi-Fi Rush202306/02/2023
5Hogwarts Legacy202317/02/2023
7Octopath Traveler II202313/04/2023
8Metroid Prime Remastered202327/04/2023
9Mail Mole202129/04/2023
11The Knight Witch202207/05/2023
12The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom202306/06/2023
13Stick It to the Man!201428/06/2023
14Final Fantasy XVI202311/07/2023
15Inner Ashes202313/07/2023
17Blasphemous 2202331/08/2023
18Sea of Stars202309/09/2023
19Marvel's Spider-Man 2202329/10/2023
20Super Mario Bros. Wonder202330/10/2023
23LEGO 2K Drive202315/12/2023
24Super Mario RPG202319/12/2023

# Name Released Completed
2Jump King201904/01/2022
3The End is Nigh201709/01/2022
4Leyendas Pokémon: Arceus202206/02/2022
5Kirby y la tierra olvidada202217/04/2022
6Sackboy: Una aventura a lo grande202003/05/2022
7Ratchet & Clank: Una dimensión aparte202105/06/2022
8Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales202010/06/2022
9A Plague Tale: Innocence201918/06/2022
10Life is Strange: True Colors202121/06/2022
11Thomas Was Alone201228/06/2022
12Gravity Rush Remastered201603/07/2022
14I Am Dead202006/07/2022
16As Dusk Falls202222/07/2022
17Horizon Zero Dawn201703/08/2022
19Cult of the Lamb202218/08/2022
21Horizon Forbidden West202205/09/2022
23You Suck at Parking202216/09/2022
24The Pathless202024/09/2022
26Bayonetta 3202206/11/2022
27God of War Ragnarök202215/11/2022
28Pokémon Escarlata202225/11/2022
30Gris ( Rejugado)201814/12/2022
31A Plague Tale: Requiem202220/12/2022
32The Pedestrian ( Rejugado)201723/12/2022

# Name Released Completed
1My Friend Pedro201909/01/2021
2Super Meat Boy Forever202016/01/2021
3Donut County201823/01/2021
4The Medium202131/01/2021
5Little Nightmares II202114/02/2021
6Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury202122/02/2021
7Super Mario Galaxy (3D All-Stars)202025/02/2021
8Superhot: Mind Control Delete202001/03/2021
9Bravely Default II202112/03/2021
10Cyberpunk 2077202020/03/2021
11Sea of Solitude201920/03/2021
12Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer featuring The Legend of Zelda201922/03/2021
14It Takes Two202129/03/2021
15New Pokémon Snap202115/05/2021
16Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!201802/07/2021
17Minecraft Dungeons202009/07/2021
18The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD202124/07/2021
19The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap200402/08/2021
20Twelve Minutes202126/08/2021
21Psychonauts 2202130/08/2021
22Metroid: Zero Mission200419/09/2021
23Kena: Bridge of Spirits202123/09/2021
24Metroid Dread202111/10/2021
25Tales of Arise202128/10/2021
26Picross S4202006/11/2021
27Hollow Knight201711/11/2021
29Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights202118/11/2021
30Pokémon Diamante Brillante202126/11/2021
31Astro's Playroom202002/12/2021
32God of War201809/12/2021
34Aspire: Ina's Tale202121/12/2021
35Marvel's Spider-Man Remasterizado201828/12/2021

# Name Released Completed
1Tomb Raider201315/01/2020
2Little Nightmares201716/01/2020
3To the Moon201119/01/2020
4Rise of the Tomb Raider201502/02/2020
5Ori and the Blind Forest201504/02/2020
6The Pedestrian202005/02/2020
7Shadow of the Tomb Raider201811/02/2020
8The Last of Us Remasterizado201315/02/2020
9Sonic Mania201716/02/2020
10Pokémon Mundo Misterioso: Equipo de rescate DX202010/03/2020
11Ori and the Will of the Wisps202016/03/2020
12Untitled Goose Game201917/03/2020
13Animal Crossing: New Horizons202004/05/2020
16Pokémon Edición Negra 2201223/05/2020
17Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze201428/05/2020
18Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition202010/06/2020
19What Remains of Edith Finch201715/06/2020
20The Last of Us Parte II202022/06/2020
21A Short Hike201914/07/2020
22Paper Mario: The Origami King202020/07/2020
23Super Mario 64 (3D All-Stars)202019/09/2020
24Super Mario Sunshine (3D All-Stars)202022/09/2020
27Persona 5 Royal201928/09/2020
28Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time202005/10/2020
29The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild201709/10/2020
30MediEvil (Remake)201911/10/2020
31Papers, Please201312/10/2020
32Sayonara Wild Hearts201917/10/2020
33Streets of Rage 4202024/10/2020
35Bayonetta 2201431/10/2020
37The Messenger201808/11/2020
38Hyrule Warriors: La era del cataclismo202028/11/2020
39Tell Me Why202001/12/2020
40Immortals Fenyx Rising202007/12/2020
41Call of the Sea202030/12/2020

# Name Released Completed
2Guacamelee! 2201819/01/2019
3Dragon Quest XI: Ecos de un pasado perdido201703/02/2019
5Final Fantasy XV201620/07/2019
6Octopath Traveler201818/08/2019
7The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening201926/09/2019
8Super Mario Odyssey201705/11/2019
9Mario Kart 8 Deluxe201709/11/2019
10Pokémon Espada201920/11/2019
11Life is Strange 2201828/12/2019

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Bueu, Spain
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